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Who Ginny Weasley and Selena Fawcett
When Tonight, 11.30pm
Where Selena's brother's café
Why Private Party!
CLOSED, but unlocked for Ana

Ginny didn't think there was any harm in going to the café to meet with Selena. All day, or so was insisted, Blaise's mother had kept the twins. If it was one thing she made sure of, was that they would get along with Nell, because he was always with his grandmother.

She hadn't been out for such a long time, she almost forgot what it was like not having to make up a baby bag or not having to run back into the living room to see if Alina and Lawrence were still impeccably dressed. It felt loads different, but a light load.

She put on a black tank top, a baby blue cut-off shirt, and put on her black leather jacket to match the black leather pants and black boots she was wearing. Her hair was its normal, poker-straight red - Ginny had not felt compelled to do anything special to her hair.

Making sure she looked fine, (after about five comments from the mirror along the lines of "Go get 'em!") she apparated back to the café she had remembered them being at. The lights looked dim from where she was and as she entered, it was slightly difficult for her to find Selena.

There was also music playing and a bit ahead of her, were people dancing and crowding each other's space. There was another table set up where people were setting out alcoholic drinks and other refreshments. She had already promised herself no drinks, so she looked around again, hoping she would spot her friend.


May. 6th, 2007 06:38 pm (UTC)
Selena sighed happily, wrapping her arms around the hyper girl. "Kay, Gin. Don't worry about it."
May. 6th, 2007 06:58 pm (UTC)
Ginny huffed. "I'll be sober in ten minutes, but I really wanna go home. Let's go home." She placed her hand on Selena's arm and apparated them right out of the chair.

Giggling as soon as she realised she was home, Selena was there, and they were both in whole pieces, she snatched a picture off of the dresser as she sat down on the couch. "This ish my babies." She showed them to Selena with a tipsy, big smile.


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