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Life As We Know It Column # 1

Ginny Weasley, 17Seventeen year old mother of twins, Ginny Weasley awoke to bright orange flames incased around her when she had lay to take a nap that her two children were also indulging in. Father of the two children, Blaise Zabini, showed up at the flat around the time after the deadly blaze started. Good timing or according to plan, one must wonder! 

According to the fire department, it was an electrical fire. However, it also could have been mistaken arsen, or a jealous girl. Not that this relationship is the longest lasting anyway! There's still a lot to find out about young Ginny Weasley and the same in return for Zabini.

Not only did they all make it out safe, but they had a couple of visitors! One of them being among the recently engaged friend of Zabini, Pansy Parkinson was there also, talking with Blaise.  It was told to me that later during the conversation, a marriage proposal was brought up between the two and the answer has not yet been determined.

She is currently hospitalized, but not for long, seeing as she doesn't trust her family, namely her brothers, and even Blaise with the children, afraid that the two of them combined, will begin to superimpose themselves onto the twins as a bad example. Could you say major family issues?

Daphne Greengrass-Macmillian, 19Daphne Greengrass, or should one say Mrs. Ernie Macmillian, has recently come across her one year eloping of her Hufflepuff alumnis lover, Ernie Macmillian. Greengrass-Macmillian, from an esteemed pureblood family, established her marriage to Ernie while she was in school.

Her mother had been pressuring her to marry and that, perhaps, could prove to be a reason why she married Ernie. 

However, she insists that it is all Ernie, including his charm, wit, and good looks that captured her. We all see different things, Daphne!

Recently, she expressed her thoughts on children. She isn't fond of them, as a matter of fact, Daphne "hates children" and believes them to be "a waste of oxygen."

However, if the chance to continue the line of the Macmillians came for Daphne and the fact that Ernie allowed it of her, she would take it. She shared these thoughts openly with the rest of the world to speculate on.

Lisa Turpin-Finnigan, 18Speaking of marriages, this has been one of the most unique yet, disregarding the Macmillian-Greengrass alliance. It seems Lisa Turpin, not only a rebellious figure against her parents' want to wed her off to someone else, decided she was going to accept the marriage proposal of one Gryffindor alumnis, Seamus Finnigan. It was given in that Finnigan had not known Lisa at any point previous to their last year, but their affection towards each other was too strong to resist. 

Although it has been a year, Turpin and Finnigan have resolved to work out their wedding ceremony over the course of sometime soon. Turpin, the ever rebellious Ravenclaw, had moved out of her parents' home as soon as she found out she was to be paired off with someone she did not wish to be paired with. 

Susannii Li
, a close friend and housemate of her, opened up her arms and her aunt and herself's home to Lisa out of kindness and sympathy for her situation. She has been, since then, planning the details of her wedding to Finnigan with her friend. It probably has been arranged for a best woman and Su may have filled that spot. You did save her from her parents, you know!

Harry Potter, 18Recent events have led many to believe that the hormonally wrecked eighteen year old Harry Potter is suffering from a syndrome that many other men have fallen victim to. Cheating. As we go over Harry's romantic past, it is easily seen that relationships are not his thing. 

He has a long past of them, ranging from a platonic to friends-with-benefits relationship with best friend, Hermione Granger, to a brief, but now ended fling between himself and his teammate, Nathanial Olivieri. Now, don't go thinking he has a bit of decency, folks. 

As we all are aware of the Falcons and Cannons game, Olivieri took a hard pass from Falcons' Chaser, Ginny Weasley, and is out for the rest of the month. However, this injury did not stop Harry from achieving his sexual desires, only to leave Nat on the side for the reemergence of his former lover, Draco Malfoy.

The blonde has been lost within the muggle world of drugs, sex, and rock and roll, as the saying goes, and Harry has done anything short of attempting to find his way back to him.

Pansy Parkinson-Rosier, 19Andrew Rosier has gotten dibs on this one! Pansy Parkinson, who still refuses to assume the last name of Parkinson-Rosier for her fiance, reportedly got into a huge spat with him! Rosier brought up problems he had found, or thought he had, with her and his cousin, Evan. However, Pansy's exact words were, "I hate Evan."

When asked was she cheating on him with Evan, she responded, "I'm not fucking Evan behind your back or in front of your face." Then, out of a spiteful tantrum, she left the Manor and bolded the rainy night so she wouldn't have had to spend anymore time with Andrew. Can you say counseling?

She has been a busy little bee, on the up side! She had been visiting her parents and her close friends to seek advice with her marriage. 

Her parents, Michael and Katrina, were excited about it and proceeded to tell her their wishes of children and their wedding reception being held at their house, but Pansy laughed and told them that it would not be happening. Her mother seems to sympathize with her a little bit, but her father has no other verdict on the situation than to, "shut up and marry him."

Selena Fawcett, 18Speaking of spitfire, folks! The famous save of the game between the Falmouth Falcons and the Chudley Cannons did not only almost cost the Falcons a new cheering section, but Selena Fawcett a surgery! Luckily enough, all-star chaser Ginny Weasley blocked off the path of the Quaffle.

As a token, Fawcett received autograph jerseys from all of the Cannons, including her saviour, whom she paid back later with a tea. But how far does it really get beside this? 

Selena was last to have heard to invite the girl to a private party, the likes of which she accepted and attended.

What went on at the party or the after result was not yet released, but what was known is that something was shared between the two girls.

It also doesn't help that the blonde's tendencies lean towards women rather than men, and that Ginny is in a relationship! Let's see what happens between these two friends, had they not already crossed that vicious line.

Hermione Granger, 20The everloving best friend and former lover of our favourite, teenaged saviour has finally decided to leave her house! Hermione Granger was seen entering a bookstore after browsing many other stores in the Alley. However, one looked over piece of gossip was that she met up with someone she didn't know, but their child, apparently, thought her to be his mother!

Now either at some point, Miss Granger had a couple of secrets to hide, or she has a sparkling resemblance to the little boy's mother. One could say she's following suit within the footsteps of adulthood. Many are still wondering what profession Hermione will choose to take up, but no one would ever guess that mother would be one of them. 

Her brain could possibly be the size of a newborn, but putting it to waste on one is an awful mistake, especially with the marks that she had received throughout all of her years of schooling. 

She was also spotted with friend, Harry Potter, who seemed too concerned over his new lover than to pay much attention to the apparent sadness on his friend's face. Still consumed with the death of her mother, Eleanora, Granger has been cutting herself away from most of her peers and living a solitary life.

Miles Bletchley, 21It seems Quidditch players emerge from school! Miles Bletchley, who plays for Puddlemere United, has finally let his disciple go. For the past year, he had been mentoring over Alicia Spinnet, who was bored of her desk job and game for some Quidditch.

Bletchley offered out of the kindness of his heart or out of the kindness of his pants, we all wonder, for Alicia was not an ugly girl and Miles' proposition came out of the blue. However, he had been playing Quidditch every since he had graduated from Slytherin House at Hogwarts, and he had the skill to teach Alicia.

It was witnessed that a morning this week before Alicia's practice for the Appleby Arrows, Bletchley was seen waking her up. Whether he spent the night or showed up to wake her it was not determined, but he was awfully touchy-feely about it when he was in the process of it. Hopefully not another Slytherin-Gryffindor relationship will form out of this, but only time and how resistance Alicia is to his charm will tell this tale.

Well, this is Life As We Know It, the column brought to you by yours truly! Hold on to you handbags until next issue!

°Rita Skeeter



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